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An ongoing adventure…
September 4, 2008, 9:03 pm
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I thought I already completed my final blog.  Ooops!

I’ve been reviewing Social Networking God, and I have to say again that I like the categorization of sites:

I noticed that the site has Friendster listed.  I thought Friendster bit it, like, 8 years ago!  Hmmm.  I did look at it, and it looks different–more like a blog or a MySpace site with less attitude.  I’m not joining it again, however.

Ooooh…But there’s Coastr, “the social guide to beer”.  If I was going on a trip, I might consult this site for pub recommendations.  Hey, there’s San Francisco’s Toronado!  It’s one of the “Most Popular” beer joints, according to Coastr.  Can you tell I like beer?

I also browsed MyDogSpace (hahaha), to see what was up.  Dogs have their own profiles, and send messages to other dog “friends”.  Pretty wacky!  I’m not sure I’d recommend using this site (as if you were considering it):  The page design’s not very organized.  And, you have to scroll down a lot.  I hate that.

What I would recommend, however, is Internet radio!  Check out the links (on SNG’s “Media”) for stations!

Thanks, Bill, Catherine, et al., for a fun workshop/tutorial on the 2-dot-ohhhh!